WIM Brands

Top 50 Professional & Career Women Awards

Celebrates the achievements of remarkable women who inspire those around them - either through the media, through their astounding achievements in their careers, businesses and everyday lives.

WIM Tea Breaks

Professional networking forum for career and business men and women.

Women Leadership Conference

Top Awardees Nationally & Internationally sharing their failures for success.

WIM Mentoring & Coaching

Corporate Mentoring Program partners with organizations to develop and retain diverse talent pools who can confidently usher in new levels of growth and profitability.

WIM Single Mother Empowerment

Single Mother Unit to empower mothers who has being ignored by government institutes and NGO’s in Sri Lanka.. WIM provided them with skills, jobs and scholarships.

About Women in Management


Dedicated to the success of women our purpose and mission is to;

Further the professional development of managerial and entrepreneurial women currently employed in established careers, which include managerial responsibilities, through the association of its members, through educational and training opportunities, and through the exchange of knowledge and experiences.

Promote higher standards and to increase the status, authority, and influence of managerial and entrepreneurial women.

Establish new Chapters and maintain a liaison among the individual members, Chapters, and Organization.

News & Events


“The awards will be an encouragement and recognition for women to come forward and make their presence felt. It will be an attempt to find out the best out of the best women in their chosen fields of excellence. It is fitting to award women as they comprise over half of the population,” Founder Chairperson, Women in Management (WIM), Soluchana Sigera said.