WIM Mentoring and Coaching

Partner with the WIM Corporate Mentoring Program that offers tailor-made programs to suit the requirements and objectives of any organisation. Mentoring and coaching, among other things, is what leads employees to either stay or leave an organisation. It is a powerful way of conveying an organisation’s commitment to support employees to grow as individuals and professionals. Besides, the WIM Corporate Mentoring Program is an ideal forum for mentees/participants to obtain invaluable tips on career growth and meet with professionals in their field of work.

Employee Benefits

  • Provides
    • Career oriented skills
    • Leadership skills
    • Teamwork
    • Self - awareness
  • Helps define career goals
  • Receive vital tips on career growth
  • Acquire new knowledge that will assist in performance in the workplace

Employee Benefits

  • The program will instil requisite competences and motivate employees
  • It will strengthen the talent pipeline and retain talented employees
  • Increase the return on investment per employee by developing their skills
  • A consistent effort at employee mentoring establishes an industry standard of your

organisation, which would attract people with the best talent