WIM Single Mother Empowering Project

Initiated in 2010, the WIM Single Mother Empowering Project can be best defined as an effort to reach out to one of the most valuable yet unappreciated segment of society, who driven by circumstances rather than choice have been relegated to the status of a single mother. The Project reaches out to single mothers to help harness their potential through training and education. WIM extends its hand of expertise to empower these women by helping them to establish a start-up, such as a micro-enterprise. The training provided, adopts a holistic approach of navigating them through the intricate steps of launching on their own, equipping them with appropriate skills, knowledge and, assistance to garner the market segment for their goods. At the core of this Project rests an inherent belief in the power of the woman to be a preeminent force capable of changing her circumstances in her favour. WIM is glad to be that stepping stone.