Women’s Leadership Conference

Breaking the Glass Ceiling, the invisible barrier that is so real in the world of work is like a perennial cliché used to highlight the limitations confronting women in careers and in business. Persistent failure of women in a dominant male culture that often impedes their quest towards becoming equal partakers in position and pay cannot be the norm. And this has been demonstrated aptly by women themselves who have pushed the limits and set the bar higher for success. Because women possess an intense passion for hard work and a robust drive to succeed has proven that there is nothing to what a woman can do, in either being a leader or a follower. She has the skills, the character and the motivation. The Women’s Leadership Conference is thus, a forum that unfolds many stories of grit and undaunted spiritedness of women who have effectively overcome the barriers to reach the top in their chosen field of work. The Conference will provide a practical insight into real world situations of confronting the impossible, the insurmountable hardships and the path to overcoming them. The Women’s Leadership Conference is a formal forum where human stories are narrated to motivate and inspire women in careers and business. They are stories of women who have ignored the bumps and seized the moment.